Friday, October 9, 2009

Sayonni by Jojo

Sayonni by Jojo

You do need some songs that can be played over and over again at the local Puja pandals or for the farewell, that is, the bhashan. Well, that’s where Jojo comes in. The first song of the album — Aamar thote kalo til — caters to the need. But the second song is something diametrically opposite, a soft--sweet romantic number, Tor jonnyo. And that’s just like Jojo, unpredictable. Jojo shows her range fully in this album. Evident from the next song — Kuasha — seductive to the core with lots of vocal art which she does with aplomb. It won’t be too much to say that this song reminds you of none other than Asha Bhosle.

The flip side has playful songs like Tumi jodi. The title song, Sayonni, has that Arabic touch to it, but its lyric is a mix of Hindi and Bengali words that sounds a little out of sync, but again the use of Hindi lines in the next song, Aakash tomaye, sung by Jojo in a completely different and higher scale has been used very well. The album showcases her range aptly.