Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gitabitan Archive

Gitabitan Archive

Disk image of the Installation CD (Unzip it and you will get one CUE and one BIN file)


Disk image of Gitabitan Archive DVD (Two files: one MDS and one MDF)

MDS file


MDF file (Please note that there are 17 files and the total size of the joined file will be 7.92 GB, (please join these files with HJsplit))



Instruction to use:

1. Get daemon tools from



and install. This is a free software.

2. keep .cue and .bin (installation CD image) in a same folder

3. Open daemon tool and create virtual directory.

4. From the 'tray' right click on daemon tool and mount the image (.cue) file from the folder where you kept those files (.bin file will be automatically taken)

5. It will ask you to install various software needed for Gitabitan archieve.

6. Install those softwares.

7. Keep the large .mdf file (after joining with HJsplit) and .mds file in the same folder.

8. Unmount the image of installation CD by right clicking on the tray icon of daemon tool.

9. Now mount the image of Gitabitan archive (only .mds file, .mdf file will be automatically taken since it is in the same folder)

10. Enjoy Gitabitan Archive

P.S. Make sure your hard disk is NTFS type formatted and not FAT32 formatted. FAT32 formatted hard disk can contain only 4 GB of maximum file size and the size of the .mdf file here is 7.92 GB.

My wholehearted thanks to subsupsre for guiding throughout the uploading process and also for the instructions to the users for proper installation of the archive !!

Incase anyone wants to backup Gitabitan Archive Image(7.9 GB) into two DVD5 disks (4.7 GB disks), and mount the images from the 2 splitted parts(which resides in two different location or even 2 separate disks) in the Daemon Tools and save atmost 7.9 GB HDD space, here are the steps..

1. Split your MDF file into two parts [SIZE :4GB] using any file splitting software (I used HJSplit].
2. Copy or Burn these parts wherever you want. [my ex: 2 DVDs with image Gitabitan.mdf.001 and Gitabitan.mdf.002 respectively]
3. Insert the disks to two separate DVD Drives. [In case you have only one DVD drive keep the second image in the HDD, in that case you will effectively save approx 4 GB HDD Space].
4. Get DVD-Decrypter(Freeware) and use the function "Tools" -> "Create DVD MDS File..."
5. Press the "Add" button and set filetype to "ALL". Choose one part and add to the list.
6. Repeat step 5. for 2nd part, so they appear in the correct order in the list.
7. Tick the "Preserve Full Pathnames" checkbox and press "OK".
8. Save the new MDS somewhere.
9. mount the MDS file created in step 8 in Daemon tools and enjoy your copy of Gitabitan Archive.

This is also one of the solution to FAT32 problem.(In FAT32 case you dont need to join the 17 mdf files, just create the new MDS file using above steps repeating "step-6" 16 times.)


Mrinmoy said...

Thank you for this excellent post and the hard work. But unfortunately the link

ie the part 15 is not working. Please can you fix that link.

Thank you.

nilotpal said...

that's really awesome ... but i can't download part 6, given by the link

everytime i am trying to download it, the download speed is going down to zero and then a message appears
'the source file cannot be read'

will you please fix the problem?

thanks a lot

Anirban said...

How does the software convert .rms files to .mp3?

sumit said...

Thank you. But I could not mount the image file of Gitabitan archive. It says invalid image file.

sumit said...

Can any one help me by sending valid .mds file.

Dhrubajyoti said...

Great Archive many many THANKS.

rijubrata said...

I have successfully installed,but the "SWARALIPI"(NOTATION) section doesn't work,when it is clicked,it shows error,please HELP me.

suparna said...

Great Archive many many THANKS.
Unfortunately the installation cd link is not working.
please re upload this.

Manali said...

Great post!
But can you please re-upload the contents of the installation CD? This Mediafire link is deleted. :(

rana said...

installation CD? PLZ TRY THIS LINK

Kousik said...

The following link is not working...
Please post it again, and if possible, do so at megaupload.

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debankur said...

Really An Awesome Collection....
But the link is not working...
Please Please post it.

Prateek said...

can anyone please tell what are the softwares that needed to be installed before using the DVD

daspeac said...

I think you can also try the sql server 2000 .bak file repair

Sukumar said...


Can please reupload the CUE and BIN file. As the previous links are not working.

Shah Fakhrul Islam Alok said...

I couldn't find anything. Will you please check it?