Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aneek Dhar mp3 video

Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 performances for download in mp3 format

June 30th

Ek shaam Taj ke naam

Agnipariksha Week 1 - July 7th

Agnipariksha Week 2 - Results Round Theme - Old Love Songs, July 13th

Agnipariksha Week 2 – Performance Round Theme - Rain Songs, July 14th

Agnipariksha Week 3 - Results - Club Songs, July 20th

Agnipariksha Week 3 – Performance Round Theme – Hit Songs of Salman Khan, July 21st

Agnipariksha Week 4 - Results - Songs of 60s and 70s, July 27th

Agnipariksha Week 4 – Performance Round Theme – Songs of Contestants Favorite Singers, July 28st

Agnipariksha Week 5 – Results Round Theme – Sad Songs, Aug 3rd

Agnipariksha Week 5 – Performance Round Theme – Friendship Day – Requests from friends, Aug 4th

Agnipariksha Week 6 – Results Round Theme – Universal Hits, Aug 10th

Agnipariksha Week 6 – Performance Round Theme – Independence Day Celebration, Aug 11th

Agnipariksha Week 7 – Results Round Theme – Dance Songs, Aug 17th

Agnipariksha Week 7 – Performance Round Theme – Qawwali Songs, Aug 18th

Agnipariksha Week 8 – Results Round Theme – Romantic Songs, Aug 24th

Agnipariksha Week 8 – Performance Round Theme – Akshay Kumar’s Songs, Aug 25th

Agnipariksha Week 9 – Results Round Theme – Requests from TV Stars, Aug 31th

Agnipariksha Week 9 – Performance Round Theme – Folk Songs, Sept 1st

Agnipariksha Week 10 – Comedy Songs – Results Round, Sep 7th

Agnipariksha Week 10 – Theme: A song from your fav actor/actress - Performance Round, Sep 8th

Aneek - Mahi Re ( Kal Ho Na Ho) SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek on 15th Sep

SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar on 21st Sep

Aneek - Mere umor ke nau jabanoo 21st Sep

SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar(1) on 22nd Sep

Aneek - Jane Ja Dhunta hai kaha 22nd Sep

Aneek jane ja

aReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar(2) on 28th Sep

Aneek - Tu hi tu satrangi 28th Sep

Aneek - tu hi tu satrangi COMPLETED

SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar(1) on 5th Oct

SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar(2) on 5th Oct

(Hare Ram)

SaReGaMaPaChallenge2007 -- Aneek Dhar(3) on 5th Oct

Final 13 th OCT

Aneek Dhar - Dil Se

Amanat Aneek Sumedha Love Triangle - sa re ga ma pa 2007

Vineet and Aneek - Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye COMPLETED

Debojit and Aneek Dhar at Taj Show COMPLETED